One day all to my self is what I always dream about.

My First Fun activity would be to hit the nearest aerobics/zumba class. I remember myself enjoying in my aerobics which was years before. Now, seriously I don’t know how to take time out for that ( will not say I don’t have time).

My next stop of fun activity is to pamper myself in a spa for few hours with no calls in between to remind me of commitments. I have never been to spa just because of the simple reason that I have no escape route from my kids.

Then I will call my friend, book our favorite movie and eat out leisurely. Wow I really want this to happen . I have not done it in years.

My last fun activity is, I have with me a cute story( sequel to my previous short story “Chasing my dream). For this I need time just for myself with no commitments.

I thought, I will have so much to do, if I have time for myself. But my fun activity is not so unreal. May be little bit of reprogramming my daily schedule will help me to do my fun activity.

Anyways Thank You for taking me into a day just for myself. 


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