My friend gifted me this book “Family wisdom” by Robin Sharma. I always thought these inspirational self help books are not for me but for the broken ones. But I was totally bowled over at the end of it.

It made me to review my life and to relive it in a sensible way. Best thought/quote of the book I felt is ” YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF TO LOVE YOUR KIDS”. It really shook me from inside and I actually found out that I haven’t loved me enough.

In the sense, I have not found who I am, what I want from life, when I want I what and where I want to see myself. Without knowing the answers for any of these questions, how will I be able to love and groom my kids. I have to identify myself before telling my kids to IDENTIFY.


I thought MOTHERING is more about handling kids but I was wrong. I never know that my BODY AND SOUL need to be treated and groomed with much more respectful way.  I never know that I have to treat my body as a temple and my soul needs more space, more air, more peace.

You have to be role model in all the aspects for our kids. Before asking your kids to read, we have to be an avid reader. Before asking your kids to go out for play in the park, we have to take a walk or hit the nearest gym .

I know, there are lot more things to do to love our self. I want to know how you love or pamper yourself.

This book is an Eye Opener for me. I know we all have such books, incidents, people who made us to rethink our life. I like to know ,Who they are? Feel free to share it with me.




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