I cherished but now its perished


When I look back my past, there are many tiny cute things, which I cherished but today for my kids its almost perished.

In the past, life was pretty simple to live in , reason being ,I grew up in a very simple less self-centered society. I wasn’t surrounded by gadgets but rather surrounded by human species.

I expressed my emotions to my distant friend through letters. I remember writings pages to tell my friends how I miss them. I cherished writing.But now we just express it all through emoticons. Gone are the days where we used to wait for the postman to deliver us Greeting cards, letters. We now just pray for more battery life for our gadgets.



Back from school, we used to play in the near by park with our friends. I hate to be at home. But now, things have changed, I see kids happier playing with i-pad rather than playing in the park. Though they learn so much from gadgets still they are missing  the simple human touch. I cherished playing with my friends.

I used to wait for vacations to come, for the simple fact ,want to visit my cousins place and to have a blast with them. But today most of the kids are not aware of their cousins.

I cherished enjoying all the festivals with my grandparents in their own traditional home and its traditional way. But now, kids are happy seeing their grandparents in Skype.


I miss my society. I grew up with more simple people with more human values and less selfishness. But now. I am confused with the people around. Its difficult to raise kids with duplicitous society.

I shouldn’t forget the truth that present generation kids are extremely smart , unique in their own way and talented. But I being still caught up with traditional thoughts, felt tiny sweet things are missing for my kids.

If you feel anything missed out from your childhood days, you are free to share it with me.

Keep Cherishing and keep blogging.


One thought on “I cherished but now its perished

  1. Good message…… Our kids are Indigo Children….. They r definetly smart … ofcourse will come out with flying colors…… But moral values & humanity…..is what present generation lacks…… They r born with gadgets….. Hence they interact less with human……It is our duty to teach the value of relations and groom them with moral values & humanity….. so that they emerge as a good human….. The great thing in our Culture which stands apart from the rest of the world is the strong familial bonding….. which I would say just keep it alive…..forever…..

    Beautifully written……Keep it up Preethi…… Good finishing by asking the readers to share their views……

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