Life without friendship is a woe


I had a blissful life with friends hanging around with them all the time.

Though I have a beautiful family , still I need time for myself. Myself in the sense, I don’t like spending time alone in a room. I meant suspending myself with them in the park ,having a chit chat over a cup of coffee and even pouring out myself ( during bad phase of life).

During those beautiful days, I never felt the need to write about them. Oops…. I even forgot to thank them for being in life as a pillar of my strength.

Here I am in a new place , without friends, nobody to talk to , nobody to hold me tight when I am low. I tried with utmost heart to make new friends.
But I failed in them. With two years of my stay here, what I have learnt, is that I took many things for granted.
I didn’t realise the value of friends,good neighbours and simple happy life.

I always longed for things which are not around but never once thanked for the people who were with me.
I don’t want to make the same mistake here. I have found a new friend ,who I am very sure ,will be with me throughout my life “books”.
I cultivated this habit of Reading any random novels. This really changed my outlook of life. Books made me to think broader in life.

So here I am , thanking each and everyone of you, who stood by me ,for  whatever crap I am.
Love you all guys.


3 thoughts on “Life without friendship is a woe

  1. “I didn’t realise the value of friends,good neighbours and simple happy life.” – I can relate to this. There were years where I lived far away from any of my old friends and I didn’t think I needed to make anymore. Now, I have plenty of good friends where I live and I am much more happier than ever. Having relationships outside the house is really important in my experience.

  2. I know life without friends is difficult but your recent friendship with books will remain next to you where ever you are…Cherish it and enjoy reading…

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