Humanity in kids


It was a very breezy evening .I took my kids to my friend’s place for a cup of tea and also for a chit chat . After serving us with tea and cakes, she offered my kids Chocolates ( her sister got it for from Chicago). My girls took the chocolates with total kiddy excitement and started unwrapping it.

The moment she tasted her first bite, my elder daughter said ” mom !! this doesn’t taste good”. I checked up the taste then found out to have weird smell. Later, found that the whole box of chocolates got expired months before.

I told my kids not to have it, though initially they were little disappointed, but later accepted for the fact that their stomach may get upset if they have it.

When I was about to throw it in the dustbin , friend of mine told me not to throw it. I got shocked . I asked what for your are saving it? She said I give it my maid and she don’t mind taking it .

My elder daughter said” aunty!! she also has the stomach like us, how come hers will not get upset”. It was like a slap on her face.

I was very happy for the fact that I have groomed my daughter with little bit of human qualities.

Friends, lets start disciplining our self before grooming our kids.

All the best in grooming and happy blogging.


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