It was a Bright sunny day, where my mom was busy with making breakfast for our family. Though I share my room with my sister divya, we both feel privacy is very much missing in our house. My family was excited to wake up for this very day, the only reason behind this; it’s my Campus Recruitment Day. They waited for this day to come, to see me getting selected into Software Company, to say my daughter is a Software professional.

Being an elder daughter they have immense expectations and aspirations, which they want me to fulfill. But deep within, I was scared, that I am going to break their heart. Simply by telling them, I am not going to appear for this Campus Recruitment. Though the difference between me and my sister is just two years, but we are not very close enough to share our secrets.

My dad was busy telling me how to appear confident while attending the interviews and mom was praying within herself for me to get through this. I thought breakfast table is the best place for me to break my silence.

My mom made my special and her signature dish of Onion Uttapam with steaming hot sambar. Though it’s my all time favorite, I felt huge lump in my throat, which made me difficult to have spongy uttapam. My dad, my first hero, all of a sudden pointed and asked me “Nithya! What’s that you have in your mind”?  You seem little distracted with some thoughts. If it’s your Recruitment, then it’s very common, otherwise you can share it with us.

I felt the time has come to pour my heart. I simply said “dad, I am not going to appear for any of the Interviews, I am not good at Software, rather not happy in doing DeskJobs”. I spit it out finally. I know I am relived, but I couldn’t dare to see them.

My mom was furious at me; you know how much we were waiting for this day. Even yesterday Ramu Uncle (my mom’s brother) called up and told me; possibility of getting into an IT company is very low. He said, you are lucky to have Nithya as your daughter, who has good grades with her and he was very confident of you making it through. She wiping her tears said, look at your dad, he gave you so much of freedom, is this the way you pay him back.

My dad, unlike others, he never stopped us doing anything. He was a very particular man with family values. He gave us enough space for us to have an open thought and to be independent.

It was very difficult for me break his heart, his dream. I looked at his eyes, then I said dad, I want to be a singer not a software engineer. I know, I was so raw with my words, should have chosen a polished way of telling my parents.

My mom was shocked, nithya how can you think of becoming a singer? Girls of a middle class family like us should not think of getting into an Entertainment industry? R u mad? What will we tell our family? Don’t make your dad regret of giving you so much freedom.

I always wanted to be a singer. That’s my dream, my ambition, my heart.s my dream, my ambition, my heart. Engineering is not my cup of tea.


I want to enroll in KM MUSIC CONSERVATORY. It is founded by Dr. A.R.Rahman. They are offering a crash course in Western Vocal, a Summer Programme .I have to attend a interview for this Vocal Programme to get the admissions.

Mom couldn’t control her tears, oh! So you have decided what you want to do without consulting us? She buried herself in her arms and my sister went near her to console. I know she is in pressure from family, for me to get into a job, work for a year or so then get married. This is what girls of my age normally follow, whether they like it are not.

My dad, till this moment was watching me closely, asked me ‘when do you have the interview’? Everyone was shocked with his words. My mom said what are you saying? We can’t allow her to go into singing. She is a small girl; she doesn’t know what is wrong or right. We have to make her understand that singing is not good for her.

I was sitting on the edge of our old sofa; he came and sat with me. He said by keeping his hands on my shoulders, my daughter has grown big .Turning to my mom he said, can’t u see she is speaking her heart. It was we who taught her to chase her dream. I am happy she has identified her dream. Now we have to help her chasing it.


I couldn’t control my tears; I just hugged him so tightly. Dad! Thank you so much. I am very sorry, I should have told about this, long back. But I was very scared to share it with you all. I was very sure that you will be there to back me. Thank you so much.

I went to my mom, who was still confused with my dad’s decision, held her hand, said please mom! Have faith in me. I will not let you down. I will always make our family proud of me. Singing is what makes me happy, gives me fullness to my life.  I may not earn like my other cousins (Software Engineers), but end of the day, I will have a deep sense of satisfaction.

Mom hugged me and said, your dad was right; you have grown, no longer a little girl, whom I know. Dad gave me a reassuring smile, which gave me what I want, my family.

 End of the day I know, if they had said no to my singing, I was very sure, I wouldn’t have gone against them. But I know they will accept my decision, and have faith in me, that’s what family is all about” Believing you and being with you throughout”.

Divya came to me and gave a very friendly hug, started asking me about A.R.Rahman and about the Boys who come for the courses. I told her it is in collaboration with MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY, London. She got even more excited. She said she is very happy for what I have decided.

Dad started to Google about the KM Music conservatory, asked me how long is the foundation course, accommodation and fee structure. I assured him the fees, I would like to apply for an educational loan, which he was little hesitant initially but I convinced him that I want be on my own. My mom was happy that the course is in Chennai, where we have many relatives staying. But for the course, they have their own hostel which is compulsory for all the students. She felt secured of Chennai, where she can reach in few hours from Pondicherry.

Now that, I have got their nod for move, my next prayer is “I have to clear my interview with KM “. I have confidence in my vocal, since I have been going for my classical singing classes for more than 10years.

Though till last year, I have never had a thought of taking singing my profession. This dream of mine popped up only after I won my first ‘Best Singer Title ‘organised by inter-college cultural fest. To add icing to the cake, the title was given by Honorable chief guest Dr.S.P.Blasubramanian. He really appreciated my singing, and said I am sure shot a Playback Material.

That night, I still remember, I couldn’t sleep, I was hugging my title so close to my heart and made up my Secret Dream. When I shared this news of winning, with my Music teacher, which was very happy. It was she who told me about KM Foundation course and encouraged me to find out more about KM.

The news of my family backing my dream, I shared with my one and only best friend Nisha. She is my only friend I have got, all through my college life. She was equally happy for me, having known my family very closely, she was very much sure that they will accept my dream. I gave her my best wishes for her interview which she is going to appear for.

We both decided to meet in the evening, at the very same spot which is our favorite, Beach. Café coffee day with the beach view is our usual hangout point. When I reached the coffee day, I saw her coming with a huge smile; we both hugged and jumped with joy. She got selected in Microsoft, training in Bangalore and placement most likely in Bangalore. We both were very much excited with today’s development.

Months passed so very fast, the day I dreamt came, first day at KM and I was super excited. My father came to me drop me off and reminded me his thumb rule” Freedom with Accountability”. He was very clear and told me to stay conscious with my behavior. I assured him with a hug and told him that I will not let him down rather make him proud. My dad hugged me and wished me good luck and asked me to take care of myself. He said now you are on your own and to keep my eyes and ears open all the time to be safe. I reassured him and told him to take care of my mom; she herself didn’t come just to avoid emotional moments.Image

I entered my college, found there were people from all walks of life from different part of the world. Even our professors were from different countries all trained and best in their domain.

I promised myself to put in my maximum effort in the classes and learn to improve my singing. The college taught us how to improve our vocal and told us all the technicalities in singing. It was a wholesome experience which I have to thank my family for allowing me.

When we love our work, in a course of time, we get into worshiping it. This is what is happening to me. I am enjoying each and every moment of my life right now.

My senior faculty from Scotland called me to his office. He said he was following my voice for quite some time; he got really interested in the uniqueness of my voice. Finally, after appreciating me, he broke the news that I have been selected from my college to sing in a “short film”. It was an awestruck moment for me.

I was really very happy, excited and thrilled by the news. I picked the phone and called my dad told him that he is going to hear my voice in small screen. He was all the more excited and promised me to be there while I am singing.

I thought to myself, had my parents not been supportive and been with me, I wouldn’t have come so far. We all are born to do something in this world; it’s just that we don’t know what it is? Just follow your heart and chase your dream with your family.


3 thoughts on “CHASING YOUR DREAM

  1. too gud!!!!!!!Don’t know why but got lump in my throat many times in between the passages. Choice of words and its impact on you is tremendous. Keep writing. We’ll follow all your novels, books and blogs.

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