“The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.”
―     Karl Lagerfeld


I never had any idea about the depth of this word. It’s truly a miracle word which has got so many meanings with itself. I never dreamt of becoming one. I got married at the age of 23, life was pretty easy that moment. After my first baby, couple of years later, I thought its easy to become a MOM. I thought I possess all the qualities of a MOM.

But I was wrong completely.  Its difficult , its tough, its unpredictable and it takes everything out of you and I was least prepared for it.

Days passes like a flash of light. I had no clue of child grooming, food habits, sleeping schedule. I used to get angry but I couldn’t make out on whom I was angry. I was waiting for them give some time for myself. I couldn’t yell at them and I couldn’t make  them to understand me. I was helpless.I thought when kids grow, they may give me sometime for myself.


But today I have 2 grown up girls , still I wait for that time for myself. Now if I sit back I feel I was totally wrong. Kids don’t give you time, its we who have to manage time. Few things in life , if practiced on regular basis, is always taken for granted. Be it from my family  (No offense) my kids, friends anyone for that matter. I get exhausted with my routine and feel like escaping into a different world at least for a while. One thing I realized , kids as they grow, their demands ,their expectations with you increase. They may turn out to be less dependent on you but the responsibility on handling these grown up kids shoot up drastically.

Here are few things which I thought to myself will start practicing from this year for myself.

1. Enroll myself in a hobby classes be it baking , aerobics, yoga anything. I just want to let my hair down for a while and try to be me and myself.

2.I have planned to read more . Be it Family drama , self-help books or  even Health related but my personal favorite is Romance and fiction.

3. Listening to music of our choice soothes our mind. The feeling of emptiness I have felt when all have gone out and am all alone . A good friend of mine told me, the best way to break the silence , is to listen to your personal favorite.

Friends this is what have come to my mind right now. I am very sure this feeling of mine is very common for all homemakers out there. It’s not like we cannot do anything but we chose to be a homemaker. I will be happy if you share with me your mindset of Motherhood.


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