Life lesson that kids teach us

We very often Google about , how to groom kids, how to teach them values of life, how to make them smarter. We always have a feel that my kid, has to learn so much from this world, for him/her to lead a better life. But if we give a deep thought, we have to accept ,there are equally many things which they in turn teach us. Those lessons may be due to their innocence but believe me we have to thank them for their valuable inputs.

I jotted down few points which are to my knowledge:

  • I strongly feel the love, which my daughters have on me ,is much more than the love which I have on them. The way they hug you tells the depth of their love. For instance, when my daughter ,when back from her school ,everyday she runs up to me and give me a hug which says that ” I missed u Mom “. The love which they have with them is Truly unconditional Love . This not only as a parent I say , but even grandparents, teachers, everyone around them, I am sure will vouch it .
  • Adaptability to any place. This again is my personal experience, as my Husband is in a Travelling job we keep shifting every 3 years. But the time ,which I take to adjust to a new place, is very much longer than my kids take. That’s because we have huge expectations and they don’t have any . They just go with an open mind.
  • This may sound silly, if we have misunderstanding with our loved ones ,at times we go and make it up with them, say after few days ,months, even years. If you have noticed, kids just patch up their fights in seconds with their friends and let it go immediately . The reason behind this is ” NO EGO” . In Kids dictionary there is no place for a word called EGO. They live in the moment and don’t dwell the past.
  • Creativity and exploring new ideas are their biggest advantage. Be the creativity comes from using Recyclable items for their new project, Paintings with their unique color combinations and the list is endless.
  • We all must have seen kids playing games with Spiderman , Barbie dolls, Fairies…If we notice they do an excellent role play with their toys, imagining himself to be a Spiderman and play as if he jumping from a  building and giving a helping hand. If it is a girl she gets into her Barbie world and having  a party with her fellow Barbie’s. I guess this is one of topics which they cover in many of the  Management talk shows,  Personality development techniques. They teach us how to use and develop this technique to handle difficult situations.
  • They speak their mind. Unlike us, they don’t have a bunch of people around , to impress. They don’t care about what others think . They behave the way they are.

Before enrolling yourself for a Personality Development Classes, take a close look at your kids.I am very sure there are million other things to learn from the kids. The list is not exhaustive.

In certain situations there is no harm in being child-like. So for a change instead of grooming the kids ( which we think we are programed for) lets learn few tiny things from them . Those tiny little ideas of them will make a huge impact on our life.





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