Positive Energy – A mindset

The term ‘Positive Energy’ comes to your mind if things are not happening the way we want it to be. We plan million things in our life and put our maximum effort for that to happen. But if it did not turnout the way we expected we go down and feel very low in life. If it continues for a while then we get totally exhausted with negativity around us and we feel its high time for me to come out of it. We all search for some energy which tell us to get up and move on .

But how, where  to get the positive energy? Positive Energy is like a wind , you cannot see it , but only feel it.

Here are few ways to experience positive energy. This is truly from my own personal experience which I am recollecting it and sharing it with u all.

  • Always have a Open Mind. Open mind is takings things the way it comes and to have a open heart to accept it.  We have to keep telling our self that things are going to get better its just a phase which I have to cross with strong will and open mind.
  • Making a conscious effort of always thinking positive which will eventually get you the desired positive  outcomes. Its all in the mind.
  • Reading Books and Watching your Favorite Movies will make you feel all the more better. Books are your biggest friends even if  you are left all alone in this world. The choice of books is yours it can be either Fiction, Romance, Thriller or even Self Help books which will take you to a different world and makes you to forget your negativity.
  • Always keep your house well ventilated. Fresh air and Early Morning Sunlight  is an excellent source of Positive energy. Keep your doors and windows open for that to enter your house and your soul.
  • Keeping a bunch of fresh flowers in your house ,picked up from your garden, will also soothe your mind. If not from your garden, shelling little amount of cash, for the flowers will not go for a waste. It will keep you fresh and vibrant.
  • Spending time with your children or even with your close friends will make you feel relaxed. Catching up with an old friend of yours and recollecting the memories will have an instant relief to your heart.
  • Plan for a vacation with your loved ones to a place connected or close to nature. More you close yourself within your room more you are hurting yourself. It will not help you at any point of time. Just try this out, when you are in a bad mood, take a long walk to a nearby park or a lake will make you feel good.

These few ideas are personally experienced and gave me a good feel in my life. At the present scenario, our expectations are getting bigger and bigger which may not turn out fruitfully as expected. This may make us feel low and if it persist may get you into depression. So  during those bad phase of your life small effort of yours only make you come out of it. I have shared little things which I thought is required in todays fast moving world.


3 thoughts on “Positive Energy – A mindset

  1. The blog looks very neat and in fact, I should say simple. Positive energy speaks more about yourself and such real articles have better traffic than others. Keep it going. I would personally like to see more quotations or poetical lines in between. Even some pictures or widgets to attract the visitors. Have fun blogging!

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