Be what you are!!!!!!!!!

This title of  ‘ Be what you are’ may sound like yes I am always what I am .It is always easy to say yes I am actually myself not pretending to be someone  else. But deep within everyday we , in all walks of our  life,  we pretend to be someone else . It starts from trying to impress somebody whom we think they are very close to us . We all have the fear that if they come to know our true self they may not like us. But friends, actually its the other way around, which we realize very later in our life. Our Loved ones  will not like us to be someone else and will always accept us for what we are .

This habit of changing yourself starts from a relationship may be with your friend , Boyfriend, Husband, In-Laws, the list is endless……  But how long can we portray to be someone else, adjusting to their own likes and dislikes, trying to make them feel I am THE PERSON for you . Later at one point of your life you feel you have not lived your own life. You are actually living someone else life . That guilt will make your life miserable and you will burst with utmost anger which may end up hurting your loved ones.

So friends this is all I am trying to say Stop pretending to be someone else . Be what you are, no matter what , your loved ones will always be with you . They will love you for the fact that you have not lied to them by being someone else.

This ideology( if I may say  so )  of ‘I am what I am ‘ should be cultivated in minds of our children . As  a parent its our responsibility to tell our kids you don’t have to change yourself to impress us  , your teachers , your friends . Be what you are and Be proud of that . This attitude if the child starts nourishing it form the very beginning of his / her life they  will turn out to be a very Trustworthy Companion for  her loved ones.

This  topic of mine may sound little too plain simple but I felt the urge to share it with u all……..

This is my first post in here I feel very Proud of writing this for you all….


6 thoughts on “Be what you are!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi. This is a nice post in term of the idea. But in my opinion fixing some punctuation marks would help a lot and make this easier to read. For example the excessive exclamation marks (!) on the title and ellipsis (…) on the second paragraph. Or the first sentence of the third paragraph could really use some commas. Some sentences have obvious double space. Sorry if this is annoying, I’m just pointing out my opinion. I studied linguistics in university and that makes me more sensitive to basic writing rules, although my own blog is so far from being perfectly written. But it’s always a good idea to proofread your post before publishing it.
    Here’s an awesome post by Suzie81 about blogging tips and it’s very helpful:
    Have a nice blogging experience. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for taking out time to read my blog and to give your genuine comments. I read the link which you have mentioned , it is very handy and useful for new bloggers like me.
      I will try to follow your comments in my next post. Thank you.

  2. Preeeethiiiiii

    Wow!!! first hats off for the very idea of yours to write a blog.. This develops two things. One a sense of satisfaction and two improvisation in language. This act of yours has itself proved that u are or rather wanted to be what u are.
    Yeah i do agree with the thought that we are not we are but do not completely go with u. At times even our inner sense dominate and may not let us pretend of what we are not. The societal requirements are so that as we are forced to perform many things as others would foresee it. This i feel will be an on going one and that to which we are already a prey.
    So lets see How We are gonna be as We are?

    Ty for sharing. Expecting many more from u..

  3. The Blogging is a very wonderful activity to accomplish. I have experienced myself, as how it would be and how it gives access to the deep inside of one’s self-confidence. Expecting more and more from you. Learn the tricks and twists of blogging to improve it. Exhaust all your inner feelings and pour it out. We are here to support you and share our views about it.

    As far as this post is concerned, I like the way you portrayed your real words. I would like to share this video which I came across recently on Facebook. <>. It tells how moms think about them with respect to the kids and what the kids think about their moms in actual. This may fit both of your posts here. It also tells about how to see the positive side of us. When we realize what others think about us, we would never be put in a situation to lose trust in ourselves. Developing such trust to believe in our self is the key to being what we are.
    Next, the word “Pretending” doesn’t go alone in this automated world. It goes like “Pretending Perfection” and I feel this is what everyone is trying to be. But the perfection doesn’t come when we are not being what we are. Pretending just leads us to be captain weird and not the captain ideal.

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